well received

You guys (the WR team) were awesome! We had an amazing time!
— Bree @ Elle.com, NYC
I’ve never laughed so hard during a workout!
— Mary, Brooklyn, NY
Very intimate, I loved it!
— Brandon, NYC
We got to be silly, have a great time and the instructor just laughed along with us... I would definitely do it again and definitely recommend it to everyone!
— Marissa, Long Island, NY
So nice to be able to workout in the comfort and company of your friends!
— Angel @ Elle.com, NYC
So this is what celebrities feel like when they have workout space all to themselves with their friends...
— Jesi K @ PepperMinting.com, NYC
A healthier alternative to dinner & drinks for us.
— Stefanie, Long Island, NY
Such a great way to see my cousins, catch up, get a workout in and then head home to our little ones for dinner... otherwise, I’d barely see them!
— Angela, NYC
The workout was great, the instructor was great, and it was so nice not to have to leave the house!
— Mary Kate, NYC