Co-workout Sesh @ the Office

Co-workout Sesh @ the Office


Get your co-workorkers together for a fun sweat sesh for just you and your crew at work ... we'll take care of the rest. 

Add to cart to start the reservation, once reserved, we'll reach out to you and start planning your customized sweat sesh (which includes picking date, time, etc)...

TOTALLY customized for you & your co-workers... pick your date, time, type of workout and who's joining you and we’ll come to you (or provide a location of your choice for an additional charge) with an instructor, mats, towels and water! 

Price per person is $30 so please enter the amount of people joining you in the qty field when checking out (non-refundable if not canceled 48 hours in advance). Extra charges may apply for any added special requests (deco, favors, post workout beauty treats, specific locations, destination locations, etc).

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