#GoalGetting Workshop


Creating them is easy, achieving them? That's where it gets tricky. And that's where this workshop WILL help you go from a setter to a getter.

#GoalGetting is the brainchild of Jen and Vix -- two women who met by chance in NYC -- also known as the law of attraction! We loved the idea of this workshop so we've partnered with them to add a touch of Well Reserved by hosting a yoga session after the workshop...

Together, these two will share insights on the clinical and practical aspects of setting goals and setting yourself up for success.

You'll walk away with:

    • A vision for your future -- in every area of your life

    • Clearly defined goals for your vision and a PLAN to achieve them in the next 90-days

    • An accountabilabuddy to help you stay on track -- plus access to a private Facebook group where you can continue to get the support you need

    • A swag bag and surprise bonuses along the way -- the time to invest in YOU, Inc is NOW and this workshop is the first step

    • A yoga class, lead by Monica (@thewellthyteacher), after the workshop with mats, towels & hydrogen infused water from Hfactor water (@hfactorwater)

Click the link to reserve your spot http://bit.ly/2IgDtcJ

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