These floral designers giving us all the feels...

We recently hosted a bachelorette #sweatsesh for a lucky bride-to-be from and her friends from Hearst magazine. Of course we needed to make it extra special so one of the firs things we decided to do was have the location filled with flowers that had a modern, but bridal vibe. Well needless to say, we were on a budget and needed the space to feel like anywhere you took a photo, you'd have flowers in every shot. Carol & Yuky gave us just that and then some, getting super creative and innovative all within our budget! Pictured on the left are Carol & Yuky in front of the backdrop they designed for our event, followed by images of the table arrangements they created as well (gorge, right?!)

We met Carol (@verdant_nyc) first through a mutual friend and were ecstatic to learn she was a floral designer so we immediately asked her to collab on this event with us. Carol started Verdant in NYC the summer of 2015. The brand was a gradual evolution and passion project that stemmed from her trips to local Brooklyn bodegas that carried florals which inspired her to design arrangements. As she expanded to the flower district, so did her exploration and access to the endless variety of flowers and materials. Since then Verdant has blossomed from individual arrangements to events and weddings. She likes to take a collaborative approach to her projects so the vision can be realized. And that collaborative approach lead her to bring on Yuky (@nunko) to our project.

Yuky's brand is Nunko ,which is a Korean word for eyes and nose. She was always captivated by how flowers simply bring joy through these two sensory systems. Her background is in fine arts and graphic design, and floral design gives her a way to express, experiment visually and entertain her loved ones. Now, she is interested in exploring new opportunities to share something she loves with others.

If you're looking for some creative floral arrangements & backdrops for any of your events, definitely reach out to them and until you have an event in mind, follow them @verdant_nyc & @nunko for some floral inspo!

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