HFactor water is EVERYTHING

HFactor Water.JPG

Soo how do we say this without totally sounding like an ad or promo for water we can't get enough of? Sorry, (not sorry) there just isn't. We first tried Hfactor water while hosting BFF workouts at the Wellery at Saks 5th Ave. We got the run down on all of it's amazing benefits before trying it. We drank it and to be honest, at first, all you get is the great taste (we know what you're thinking, water? what taste? but if you're an avid water drinker then you know what water tastes good and which don't). The second thing you notice is how refreshing and thirst quenching it is, leaving you totally wanting more... imagine that, a water that actually makes you want to drink more water? Genius, especially for those of us that have daily water drinking goals to meet! Now for all the added benefits of the water:

  1. Hfactor water is infused with molecular hydrogen, a powerful antioxidant that's been clinically proven to improve athletic performance, reduce inflammation and boost energy!
  2. The water packaging is light, non-toxic (BPA free) and is totally eco-friendly leaving a lower carbon footprint than traditional glass or plastic bottles.

So naturally, we wanted only HFactor water at all our events going forward... if you've reserved through us at the Wellery, then you may have tried it already. If not, then you'll have another chance at our event with Six:02 (by FootLocker) in late October. Stay hydrated, ladies!

Well Reserved